Written on 28th February 2017.


Almost 40 percent of Americans come from minority groups – but this isn’t reflected in Hollywood. 

Minorities are underrepresented in feature films by 3:1 in leading roles, 3:1 in directors and 5:1 in writers. Diversity is good for film, as it makes the industry more equitable and opens more doors of opportunity for work. And it’s good for audiences too: more diversity in film means more diverse storytelling, and will give more of us the chance to see ourselves and our experiences on screen.

Short films do much better than feature films in this regard. The Oscar nominated short film categories in 2016 had more ethnic minority nominees than all the other major categories combined for feature films.

As the world’s leading short movie channel, we believe that if we are going to change the film industry it must start in short films, which are the most important and accessible source of new talent for the film and TV industries.

So, we’ve launched #WatchInColor to help get more minority filmmakers on-set, on-air and on-screen. We’re doing this by supporting, celebrating and investing in more diverse film opportunities that give emerging talent from minority backgrounds an opportunity to build a career in TV and film.

Here are some interesting articles that we’ve read about diversity if film and wanted to share with you:



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