Women's World Cup of Shorts

Written on 10th July 2023.

This summer, the world welcomes one of the biggest events dedicated to women’s sports: The FIFA Women’s World Cup.

In parallel, we will be hosting our very own celebration of women: The Women’s World Cup of Shorts.

From mid-July through mid-August, ShortsTV’s channels and video-on-demand services will screen 32 national short films made by female filmmakers from each of the 32 countries participating in the FIFA World Cup Football tournament, as well as a special series of shorts featuring women in sports.  Each national film selection was chosen by our team of leading short film experts based on the film’s excellence in craft, topical or important issues raised, and timely and effective storytelling.   

The line-up of films includes Oscar nominees ‘Me and My Moulton’ (representing Norway) and ‘Marguerite’ (representing Canada), multi-award-winning animation ‘The Bird and the Whale’ (representing Ireland), multi-award-winning comedy ‘Short Calf Muscle’ (representing the Netherlands), student Academy Award winner ‘Lalo’s House’ (representing Haiti), plus ‘True Colours’ (representing England), which stars Amy-Leigh Hickman and Tilly Keeper from the hit Netflix series ‘You’. 

“This key event continues the ShortsTV mission to support and champion female filmmakers from across the globe, bringing greater opportunities and recognition to the amazing women who make movies,” said ShortsTV’s Director of Programming, Jade Tan. “It builds on our regular weekly show “Films by Her”, which gives female filmmakers a unique platform to introduce their films and talk about what it means to be a woman in the industry today,” added Tan. 

“Each of the 32 national films selected for the Women’s World Cup of Shorts extravaganza is amazing, capturing fresh perspectives and demonstrating once again that there’s nothing as entertaining as a great short film – and all of them by some of the world’s best women directors”.  said ShortsTV CEO, Carter Pilcher. “The FIFA Women’s World Cup is one of the biggest events dedicated to women’s sports, and we are thrilled to bring a companion celebration with the Women’s World Cup of Shorts.  A huge congratulations to each filmmaker selected for the spotlight, “added Pilcher.

The Women’s World Cup of Shorts will air nightly during the Group Stages of the FIFA Women’s World Cup between 20 July and 3 August at the following times: 


  • ShortsTV (USA): 9pm ET/PT – the series will be accompanied in the USA by ‘23 Stories’, a short introduction to the US female soccer team players, made by US Soccer.  
  • ShortsTV (Europe): 9pm CEST
  • ShortsTV (India): 9pm IST
  • Shorts (UK/US): 9pm BST/ET
  • TVCortos (LATAM): 10pm ART/CST
  • Cortos (Spain/US): 9pm CEST/ET 


The series will repeat on the weekends of 5/6 August and 12/13 August before a final marathon on the day of the Women’s World Cup Final on 20 August. 

All of the films will also be available on demand on the ShortsTV+ app, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play in the US and UK. 

‘Women in Sport’, a series of short films featuring women’s sports, will precede the tournament on 15/16 July at 9pm in all markets.




Full Film Line-Up: 

  • New Zealand: Motel (Directed by: Lauren Porteous)  
  • Norway: Me and My Moulton (Directed by: Torril Kove)  
  • Philippines: Friends & Rainy Day (Directed by: Raiza Masculino) 
  • Switzerland: You Can’t Do Everything at Once, But You Can Leave Everything at Once (Directed by: Marie-Elsa Sgualdo 
  • Australia: Daughter (Directed by: Sarah-Jayne Portelli) 
  • Ireland: The Bird and the Whale (Directed by: Carol Freeman) 
  • Nigeria: Atlantic Crossing (Directed by: Tayo Amos) 
  • Canada: Marguerite (Directed by: Marianne Farley) 
  • Spain: Fire Extinguisher (Directed by: Joana Solnado) 
  • Costa Rica: Awakening of the Ants (Directed by: Antonella Sudasassi) 
  • Zambia: Listen (Co-directed by: Hamy Ramezan and Rungano Nyoni)  
  • Japan: Cloud Kumo (Directed by: Yvonne Ng) 
  • England: True Colours (Directed by: Milda Baginskaite) 
  • Haiti: Lalo’s House (Directed by: Kelley Kali) 
  • Denmark: Bacchus (Directed by: Rikke Alma Krogshave Planeta) 
  • China: Fata Morgana (Directed by: Amelie Wen) 
  • USA: Broken Bird (Directed by: Rachel Harrison Gordon) 
  • Vietnam: A Trip to Heaven (Directed by: Duong Dieu Linh) 
  • Netherlands: Short Calf Muscle (Directed by: Victoria Warmerdam) 
  • Portugal: Uncle Thomas, Accounting For the Days (Directed by: Regina Pessoa) 
  • France: Under My Shell (Directed by: Julie Rohart) 
  • Jamaica: Good Girl (Directed by: Sade Clacken Joseph) 
  • Brazil: Talento Incluir (Directed by: Renata Sette) 
  • Panama: Lucky Me (Directed by: Guadalupe Arosemena)
  • Sweden: Grab Them (Directed by: Morgane Dziurla-Petit) 
  • South Africa: Doring in My Vlees AKA Thorn in My Side (Directed by: Luzanne Carina Potgieter 
  • Italy: Ballad of the Homeless (Directed by: Monica Manganelli)  
  • Argentina: Enriqueta (Directed by Valeria Esther Dana and airing in LATAM) and Pequena (directed by Paula Manzone and Paula Morel and airing in the USA) were joint winners. Due to broadcast restrictions, runners-up were selected to air in Europe (The Open Window – directed by Lucila Las Heras), and South Asia (Dealing – directed by: Gisela Denise Benenzon) 
  • Germany: The Indestructibles (Directed by: Valentina Schwendinger) 
  • Morocco: Hymenee (Directed by: Violaine Maryam Blanche Bellet). Due to broadcast restrictions, a runner-up was selected to air in South Asia (Aicha – directed by Zakaria Nouri) 
  • Colombia: Eva Menos Candela (Directed by: Ruth Caudeli) 
  • Korea: Gone Camping (Directed by: Emily Kim) 

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