Best of India - Short Film Festival

Written on 13th October 2017.

Best of India - Short Film Festival





The Best of India Short Film Festival has been established by ShortsTV to honor and recognize the exceptional work of Indian filmmakers. Our goal is to raise the artistic awareness of these filmmakers to the Hollywood film community and open doors for possible television deals and other opportunities to benefit the short filmmaker.

Entries close on December 31st, 2017 and will be accepted through FilmFreeway.

The five top films, announced on February 2nd, will be screened at the Beverly Hills Playhouse in Los Angeles, CA from February 9-15th and gain Academy Award Qualification status. The winning film will be announced on February 16th. Every film entered will be considered for a television broadcast deal (filmmakers do not have to accept).

So enter now for your chance to win prizes totaling $2500!

IN ORDER TO QUALIFY: Entries should only include “narrative” live action short films with a Total Running Time of 40 minutes or less where either the writer, director or producer is from India and the film’s final form is in High Definition (HD).

If selected, films must be delivered via electronic upload or mail delivery to ShortsTV with the appropriate submission form and technical specifications.

Tech Specs for High Definition Source Profile

If the short film was originally shot on film, please deliver one HD master file in the following format:

■ Apple ProRes 422 HQ or Uncompressed (NOT ACCEPTED:  Apple Pro Res H264)

■ VBR expected at ³220 Mbps

■ 1920 x 1080square pixel aspect ratio material

■ Native frame rate of original source:

❏ 24 or 25 progressive frames per second

❏ 23.976 progressive frames for inverse telecine sourced from film

❏ Telecine materials will not be accepted

■ HD source may be delivered matted: letterbox or pillarbox

If the short film was originally shot on video or includes mixed frame rate sequences, please deliver one HD master file exported using the aspect ratio and the frame rate of your master-editing project.

(If your film is HD but does not meet our technical specifications, then please contact us for review).


Does the filmmaker have to be from India?

A: One of the “key creatives” (i.e. Producer, Writer, Director) must be from the country of India (Indian descent).

How long is a short film?

A: 40 minutes or less.

Can any film be submitted?

A: Yes, the film is allowed to have been made any year provided the final media is in High Definition (720 or 1080 lines of resolution).

Does the subject matter have to do with Indian culture or India?

A: No. You may submit any story line or genre appropriate for the competition.

Will any “type” or “genre” be accepted?

A: Yes, however the film submission may not be pornographic in nature or inappropriate for a general audience (Mature TV is acceptable).

Can previously made films be entered?

A: Yes, the production can be from any year previous or current provided it meets the High Definition requirements.

When will I know if I have won?

A: The final 5 films will be announced and posted on our website and the five finalists will be contacted directly. FILM FREEWAY will notify you if your film was selected.

Is there a fee to enter?

A: No.  There is no fee to enter to competition. If the filmmaker incurs a fee during delivery (i.e. US mail, etc.) or upload (i.e. broadband fees from personal providers, etc.), then those are not covered.

What happens to my film after submission?

A:  All films are reviewed and categorized for voting.  You will be notified that the submission has been accepted.

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