Road to the Big Screen

2018 OSCAR® Nominated Short Films


For over a decade, we at ShortsTV have had the good fortune to bring The OSCAR® Nominated Short Films to the big screen.

  • Each nominee is released in one of three distinct feature-length compilations: Live Action, Animation or Documentary.
  • Independent theaters have worked with us to host the films in theaters across the USA and around the world year after year and deserve a huge “shout out” for their constant support!
  • The films go into theaters shortly after nominations are announced, and are not released anywhere else except in theaters until a few days before The OSCARS®.
  • However, the additional distribution outlets (video on-demand, iTunes®, Amazon Instant Video®, and potential USA cable TV distribution a few months after the release) are critical components to ensure the greatest number of viewers see all the Nominees and can join in cheering for you now and throughout your career.
  • The Nominees are the absolute leading edge of what is the world’s very best in short film and the true future of moviemaking, especially if you believe that the future of filmmaking is….short! And we do.
  • If you’re a filmmaker and have submitted your short film for OSCAR® consideration this coming year, or are thinking of submitting your film for future years’ consideration, then you’ve come to the right place!
  • The Team here at ShortsTV want you to get the best sense possible, as you head into what can only be described as a MONUMENTAL EXPERIENCE, as to what’s on tap and what to expect.

Contact Info

US Contact

Shorts Entertainment Networks
2716 Ocean Park Blvd. Suite #1091
Santa Monica CA 90405

Tel: 1.310.452.1400

World Contact

Shorts International Ltd
6-8 Luke Street
London EC2A 4XY
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 207 613 5400

Rules & Eligibility

Rules & Eligibility

Read the OSCAR® guidelines for award entries

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Key Components

The 3 key components of the release itself include:

Theatrical Release

In 2017, the release went into more than 500 theaters across the US and over 100 theaters across Europe.
Theatrical Release


2017 Limited Release Rank: 16 (YTD)  All Release Rank: 109 (YTD)

2016 Limited Release Rank: 26 (YTD) All Release Rank: 160 (YTD)

2015 Limited Release Rank: 26 All Release Rank: 177

2014 Limited Release Rank: 38 All Release Rank: 185

2013 Limited Release Rank: 35 All Release Rank: 183

2012 Limited Release Rank: 43 All Release Rank: 189

The Theatrical Release is the SINGLE most important part of bringing your OSCAR® Nominated Short Film to the world, but posting on the Internet before the release can seriously damage moviegoer interest in your film…and indeed, in the other 5 nominees in your category…

Video On Demand

Starting just a few days before the OSCAR® telecast, the nominated films in the Live Action and Animated categories sweep the country as they become available across cable and satellite pay-per-view services in the USA.

Online Download


Your life - over the next six months!



The "Shorts Awards" in Los Angeles

Each year ShortsTV hosts the annual SHORTS AWARDS honoring the Nominated Filmmakers as well as noted industry talent who have made significant contributions to short filmmaking.

Held on the Saturday night before the OSCAR® Ceremony in Los Angeles, it is the world’s biggest event honouring the best in short film.

Notable hosts, entertainment celebrities, leading reporters from key entertainment news sources, Academy® members and Governors, and key industry talent all attend.

Previous visionary award recipients
  • Visionary Actor – Navid Negahban
  • Visionary Actor – Jon Huertas
  • Visionary Actor – Eduardo Roman
  • Visionary Leader in Education – Marilyn Beker
International Awards
  • Presented to acclaimed actor Rutger Hauer by Netherlands Film Fund.
  • Presented to Marieke Oudejans by EYE International.
  • Presented to Lukas Kernell by UPC Netherlands.
Honored Nominees
  • Live Action
  • Animation
  • Documentary

Posting your film on the Internet can reduce the chance of screening your film in theaters.


The internet allows filmmakers a chance to showcase their films and provides great exposure and awareness, but once a film has been shortlisted it is very important for the success of the release that the films be taken down for the duration of the OSCAR® season.

Placing films on the Internet for free during that time (short list announcements through to The OSCARS®) will have a significant impact on the release. Audiences simply aren’t interested in paying to see films in theaters that they can find for free while sitting at their desk or riding home on their commute….thus leading to potential cancellation of the entire release.

This small internet hiatus window allows the films (and audiences) to enjoy these incredible films in theaters prior to the The OSCARS®, in that magical theatrical environment every movie wants to call “home”.

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