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Press Coverage

“Unsung but worth your time“

AO Scott - New York Times

“With little running time comes great power“

William Bibbiani - The Wrap

“Big issues tackled in brief films“

Kathy A. McDonald - Variety

“Be prepared to gasp, cringe and cry“

Frank Scheck - Hollywood Reporter

“The Oscar-nominated shorts may have smaller running times, but the themes tackled are often big“

Robert Abele - LA Times

LA Times
Review: This year’s Oscar Nominated Shorts cover a broad swath of human emotion
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New York Times
Why Britain Is Outraged About an Oscar-Nominated Short Film
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Close Up Culture
Interview: Short Film ‘One Small Step’ Pays Homage To Those Who Chase Their Dreams
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Behind the Oscar-Nominated Documentary Challenging India's Taboos About Menstruation
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Oscars 2019: Live Action Short Film Predictions
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Animated Shorts Pack Big Punch in Oscar Race
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Short films of all stripes — animated, live-action, documentary — pack a punch this season
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Inside the Oscar Nominated Documentary Period. End of Sentence. That Aims to End Menstruation Stigma
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‘The 2019 Oscar Nominated Short Films’ Review: Heartbreak, Abbreviated
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Kids rule in live action shorts
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Oscars: Somber Themes Run Through Live Action Shorts
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Dearest Review: Short Cuts 2019, Part 1: Oscar's Animated Short Film Nominees
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Want to get a leg up on your Oscar pool? Watch the animated and live-action shorts
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