2018 Oscar® Nominated Short Films coming soon

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About the 2017 Oscar® Nominated Short Films

For over a decade, ShortsHD has proudly brought the Oscar Nominated Short Films to audiences across the globe.

This exclusive release features the year’s most spectacular short films across Live Action, Animation and Documentary, and for a limited time is available to watch on the big screen.

The 2017 Oscar Nominated Short Films will be released in theaters on February 8th, giving you the opportunity to see the nominated short films before the Oscar Awards ceremony on February 26th.

In addition to the theatrical release, the nominated Live Action and Animation short films will also be available to buy online and on VOD/Pay Per View Platforms (AT&T, DirecTV, COMCAST, Cable Vision, XBOX, Sony, Century Link, Vimeo, Frontier & Google Fiber) so you can continue to enjoy them long after the winning envelopes have been opened.

Links to the participating theaters and platforms are available by clicking on the Theatrical Release and Online & VOD tabs above.

About ShortsHD (USA) & ShortsTV (Europe)

ShortsHD (USA) and ShortsTV (Europe) are 24/7 TV channels dedicated to short movies.

Covering all genres across Live Action, Animation and Documentary, and featuring hours of award winning and star-studded movies, the channels bring you the very best short movies from around the world, including more Oscar films than any other network.

ShortsHD & ShortsTV also offer original programming on the global short film scene, keeping you up to date with the latest news and events, and putting the spotlight on both emerging and established talent.

How to get ShortsHD (USA) & ShortsTV (Europe)

ShortsHD is available across America on DirecTV, AT&T U-Verse, Century Link Prism, Frontier & Google Fiber. To find out what channel ShortsHD is available on in your area please click on the following link:
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ShortsTV is available across Europe. To find out a list of available operators please click on the following link:
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