Written on 17th May 2013.

Today, the Shenzhen Media Group and Shorts International, the parent company of ShortsTV and ShortsTV announced their groundbreaking deal to bring Chinese short movies to television audiences across the United States and Europe. This marks the first time in the history of Chinese filmmaking that award-winning Chinese short films will be available outside China.
The signing ceremony marks both the culmination of the 4th China International (KingBonn) New Media Shorts Festival, the largest short film festival in China, and an important element in the opening day of the largest cultural fair of Chinese crafts and manufacturing in China. The Ceremony took place today, May 17, in the Rose Hall of the Ninth China International Cultural Industries Fair. The Director of State General Administration of Press and Publication, Radio and Television Networks Luo Jianhui, and Deputy Director of the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sports and Tourism Han Xianyuan attended the signing ceremony. In addition, the jury of the prestigious KingBonn Award for excellence in New Media Short Films, the shortlisted competitors and the Festival’s distinguished guests from Germany, France, Spain and other countries also attended.

“This marks an important step for Chinese film. For the first time, independent short films made here in China by emerging film directors will be freely available to American, European and African television audiences,” said Mr. Zheng, the Chairman of the Shenzhen Times Network Media Company, Ltd. “We are excited that after only 4 years, KingBonn-awarded films are gaining international recognition. This puts the KingBonn Festival in the front rank of short film festivals around the world.”
The first seven films are all previous winners of a KingBonn New Media Short Film Award, and as such, are recognized as some of the best short films made in China. In addition, the two companies signed a strategic cooperation agreement pledging joint efforts to support short filmmaking in China and in the USA and Europe.

“These two agreements mark an important step forward for China. We are excited to be partnering with China’s cutting edge media group,” said Carter Pilcher, Chief Executive of Shorts International. “ShortsTV and ShortsTV will be the first networks in the Western world to begin broadcasting Chinese short films and interviews with China’s emerging directors.”

The groundbreaking deal for the KingBonn short films was signed by ShenZhen Times Network Media Ltd –a subsidiary of ShenZhen Media Group, for television distribution on ShortsTV in the United States and on ShortsTV across Europe.

The seven shorts include “I Am Brave”, “Grandfather”, “Kiss”, “Moon Rabbit”, “Pig Sale”, “Birthday Gift ” and “Happy Anniversary”.
The cooperation agreement between Kingbonn and Shorts International has been initiated by Sinapses Asia Ltd (Pierre Lochon). Sinapses Asia is also Kingbonn’s adviser for European relations.

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