ShortsTV Launches Linear TV Channel on T-Mobile and Caiway

Written on 10th Jun 2019.

ShortsTV has launched its linear TV channel on both T-Mobile and Caiway in the Netherlands, further extending its distribution in the country.

The channel, which is fully localised in Dutch, was already available in the Netherlands in Ziggo’s Movies & Series XL package, Delta’s Plus Package, Kabeltex’s ‘Plus Pakket Totaal’ and on OTT provider, YoufoneTV.

On T-Mobile, the channel will be available in their Infotainment package on channel 321 and a la carte.

On Caiway, the channel will be available on channel 106 in their Plus TV package.

Available across the US, Europe, Latin America and India, ShortsTV brings audiences professionally produced live action, animation and documentary short movies from around the world, including hours of award winning and star-studded shorts. ShortsTV also creates its own original programming, putting the spotlight on both emerging and established talent and bringing viewers into the fast-paced world of short filmmaking.

Jesse Bergsma, EMEA President at ShortsTV said, “We are thrilled with these new distribution deals in this strategic territory for us, giving even more television subscribers in the Netherlands access to the world’s best short films on ShortsTV. It is clear that short form content is becoming increasingly popular and we’re proud to be the leaders in this field”.

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