Written on 28th Jan 2014.

MUMBAI: After winning multiple awards on the festival circuit for his films and successfully establishing his film production company in Los Angeles, former Mumbai-boy Suniil Sadarangani now adds another feather in his cap.

The filmmaker/ producer has now secured a top of the line distribution deal with America’s number one short film distributor, Shorts International on their national TV network. As part of this endeavour, Sadarangani’s film ‘In Transit’ has been selected from the 3000 films on the SI network to be promoted in a unique promotional activity. Marshall Nord, President of Shorts International says, “Of the 3000 films on our US network, we selected 120 -of which “In Transit” is one of them. It has been a careful selection. This promotion is really to give filmmakers a chance to talk to the audience about their film.” In Transit has also been featured by Shorts International as one of the top ten films of 2013 and available on iTunes.

Sadarangani and Stev Elam, ‘In Transit’s’ award-winning film director (former assistant to Ridley Scott) shot for the promo which can be viewed by the American audience on the SI TV channel through the DirecTV and AT&T U-verse satellite platforms. “We’re really excited. This is a great opportunity to promote my work exclusively on a platform like Shorts International because they represent the best short films globally and are the go-to company for most of the Oscar nominated and Oscar winning short films down the years. My other film ‘Blind’ too is part of this,” says Sadarangani. Nord adds, “This is a small effort for us to allow the filmmaker to introduce their films. Hopefully, growing into something more. Promotions start December and continuing.”

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