ShortsTV is the world’s leading 24/7 HD TV channel dedicated to short entertainment.

Available in India and around the world, the channel brings you professionally produced live action, animation and documentary short movies, including hours of award winning and star-studded shorts. ShortsTV also offers original programming on the global short film scene, keeping you up to date with the latest events and putting the spotlight on both emerging and established talent.

Live schedule - Indian Channel

All times Indian Standard Time (IST) - UTC + 5.30

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How to get ShortsTV

ShortsTV is available in India on the following platforms:

Airtel Digital TV (channel 259)

Dish TV (channel 135)

d2h (channel 135)

Tata Sky (channel 113)

ShortsTV is available in the US on the following platforms:

DirecTV (Channel 573)
AT&T U-Verse (Channel 1789)
US Sonet (Channel 292)
CenturyLink (Channel 1789)
Frontier Communications (Channel 1789)
Google Fiber (Channel 603)

Find out what platform ShortsTV is available on in your area by visiting our Channel Finder below:

ShortsTV is available in Latin America on the following platforms:

Argentina (DIRECTV – Channel 1521)

Chile (DIRECTV – Channel 1521)

Colombia (DIRECTV – Channel 1521)

Ecuador (DIRECTV – Channel 1521)

Peru (DIRECTV – Channel 1521)

Puerto Rico (DIRECTV – Channel 1521)

Uruguay (DIRECTV – Channel 1521)

Mexico (Megacable – Channel 407 and 1407 HD)

ShortsTV is available in Europe on the following platforms:

Netherlands (Ziggo – Channel 125)

Netherlands (T-Mobile – Channel 321)

Netherlands (YoufoneTV – Channel 301)

Netherlands (Delta – Channel 312)

Netherlands (Caiway – Channel 106)

Netherlands (Kabeltex – Channel 187)

Belgium (Telenet – Channel 314 Flanders and 334 Brussels)

Serbia (SBB – Channel 175)

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