Written on 24th Oct 2013.

October is my favorite month of the year for many reasons, not the least of which it is the month for the Heartland Film Festival. The Heartland Film Festival hosts film makers from all over the world. The film makers bring the films, present them on the big screen, discuss the films and the art of film making with fans and professionals alike, and get an opportunity to meet other film makers. It’s a time when Indianapolis has an opportunity to put its best foot forward and show the world the next generation of film makers and the visual treasures they are creating.

Last Thursday I was invited to attend a luncheon reception downtown at Bazbeaux Pizza in order to meet and talk with Carter Pilcher. Mr. Pilcher is the CEO of Shorts International, a London, England based company which specializes in short film production and distribution. Mr. Pilcher is also the producer and chief of ShortsTV which is a television network which broadcasts short films across the United States and is available on DirecTV HD Extra Pack and through AT&T HD Premire Package. Mr. Pilcher is originally from Terre Haute but now resides in London. He is an internationally known expert in short films and has an extensive background in their production and distribution. More importantly, Mr. Pilcher is a member of the Short Film and Feature Animation Branch of Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences, (AMPAS), so he is one the people who selects the Oscar nominees. It would seem to be a logical progression that Mr. Pilcher and ShortsTV would become sponsors of the short films presented at the Heartland Festival. Carter Pilcher has managed to get the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on board as a co-sponsor. Speedway CEO Jeff Belskus was also at the luncheon and is a very enthusiastic supporter of Heartland’s short film entries. Mr. Pilcher, Mr. Belskus, and Nikki Guzofsky of Fabric Media all believe that the next generation of film makers is coming from the artists who are entered in the Heartland Festival.

The films presented by Heartland Film Festival represent the finest of filmmaking in the world. Viewing these incredible movies brings us together with the people we share the earth with. The movies and the artists who create them point out and underline the common human experience. Their joys, sorrows, the challenges, and triumphs that are the marrow of life. The Heartland Film Festival is a chance for all of us Hoosiers to become part of the international community and salute the talented individuals who make these unforgettable films.

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