2017 Oscar® Nominated Short Films

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Silent Nights



Inger volunteers at a homeless shelter and falls in love with the illegal immigrant Kwame. Both live a hard life. Kwame finds comfort in Inger’s arms, but says nothing about his family and children in Ghana. When his daughter becomes ill, he is forced to steal money from the homeless shelter to pay the hospital bill. Inger believe his lies about the theft and have compassion. Kwame moves in with Inger and they are happy for a while, until the day when Kwame’s mobile phone reveals everything about his life in Ghana. Inger painfully recognizes that Kwame’s love was genuine, and her own great love begs her to help Kwame home to Ghana again.

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Ennemis Intérieurs | Live Action


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La Femme et le TGV | Live Action


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Silent Nights | Live Action


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Sing (Mindenki) | Live Action


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Timecode | Live Action


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2017 Oscar® Winning Short Films

The White Helmets
The White HelmetsDocumentary
Sing (Mindenki)
Sing (Mindenki)Live Action